Shepard Law is a Boston law firm with extensive litigation expertise in asbestos and mesothelioma, drugs and medical devices, products liability, and serious injury. We bring a high level of dedication to every case that we handle in our practice areas and often receive the honor of attorney referrals and requests to act as co-counsel based on our expertise and reputation within the industry. If you are looking for a firm with the local knowledge and experience necessary to handle your case, we are the counsel that you’ve been searching for. Our record of notable verdicts and settlements gives other attorneys confidence that their clients will receive superior treatment and compensation.

We can handle referrals in a number of ways to suit your specific circumstances, serving as co-counsel or taking over the case completely. In every matter, we bring the dedicated legal staff and resources necessary for the best possible outcome for your client.

Generous referral fees. We appreciate that other firms value our reputation and the skill that we bring to each case referred to us and provide generous referral fees; please contact us for details.

We work with out-of-state counsel. Although our offices are in Boston and Worcester, we do not limit ourselves to working with in-state counsel. Our firm works with both in-state and out-of-state counsel.

We understand the trust issue. When other firms ask for our help, they are placing their trust in our firm’s professionalism. We understand that the client’s experience reflects on them as well and that both firms’ reputations are at stake. We give their clients the same attention and respect that we give to all of our clients.

If you have a case that requires the dedicated attention of experienced and successful serious injury lawyers, we encourage you to contact Shepard Law to learn more about our experience, values, and record of favorable verdicts and settlements. Please contact us and a firm representative will be in touch

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