Aircraft mechanics are indispensable to our country’s military and commercial aircraft industries. Whether serving onboard a Navy carrier, or working at an Air Force Base, airport, or manufacturing facility, an aircraft mechanic’s work environment likely subjected them to significant asbestos exposure.


With most of an aircraft mechanic’s time spent in shops and hangars, aircraft mechanics often worked next to other tradesmen as they maintained and repaired equipment containing hazardous asbestos materials. This subjected many aircraft mechanics to asbestos exposure. The following tasks also likely exposed Aircraft Mechanics to asbestos during their work:

  • Replacing asbestos-containing brake pads
  • Replacing gaskets in aircrafts
  • Installing insulation around engines, electrical components, and other high-heat areas

The risk of asbestos exposure for today’s mechanics is minimal but may be a concern if the aircraft in need of repair was manufactured before the 1990s and still contains asbestos products. If you or someone you know worked as an Aircraft Mechanic and has developed mesothelioma, talk to one of our attorneys. Compensation may be available.


Asbestos Exposure-Aviation

Shepard O’Donnell brought a mesothelioma case from client intake all the way to trial in less than a year’s time. The case resolved while it was awaiting a date for jury selection to begin, obtaining a multiple seven-figure settlement for the client and his wife.


When pursuing litigation, working with an attorney who has a reputation for results, compassionate representation, and responsive communication channels is a must. The lawyers at Shepard O’Donnell have helped hundreds of clients, many of whom were workers, diagnosed with mesothelioma. Workers who were exposed to asbestos during their employment but did not become sick until years later may have the right to file a mesothelioma lawsuit.