Aircraft mechanics are indispensable to our country’s military and commercial aircraft industries. If you know someone who lives in Massachusetts and served aboard a Navy carrier or airbase, worked at an Air Force Base, airport, or manufacturing facility, their work environment likely subjected them to significant asbestos exposure. Most of their time may have been spent in shops and hangars where they likely also worked next to other tradesmen as they maintained and repaired equipment containing hazardous asbestos materials. Shepard O’Donnell was one of the first firms to aggressively pursue aviation defendants in asbestos lawsuits, and as a result, we have developed specific experience in this area.

Our clients include: Former Navy aviation mechanics on aircraft carriers or a land base repairing planes for their squadron, Army air corp personnel in Vietnam, US Air Force mechanics and pilots, commercial airline mechanics, personal aircraft mechanics, and pilots for models such as Cessna, Piper, Beech, and others.

Please note that anyone currently working on an aircraft manufactured before the 1990s is at risk of exposure to asbestos products.

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How Were They Exposed?

Aircraft mechanics were often exposed through the following materials:

  • Brake pads and brake assemblies
  • Gaskets
  • Insulation around engines, electrical components, and other high-heat areas
  • Reciprocating engine valve cover gaskets and accessory gaskets
  • Jet engine insulation and gaskets
  • Clamps for fluid, hydraulic, and air lines
  • Fire shields, fire walls, and insulation

If you or a loved one worked as an aircraft mechanic in Massachusetts and has developed mesothelioma contact us for a free case evaluation to learn whether you might be entitled to compensation. Shepard O’Donnell has successfully litigated hundreds of asbestos-related cases, often resulting in life-changing verdicts or settlements for our clients.