Did you help build, repair, or serve in the United States Navy or other branch of the Armed Forces aboard the USS Ingersoll | DD 652? If so, then you were likely exposed to Asbestos.

The USS Ingersoll | DD 652, like many other Naval ships, was constructed with numerous products containing asbestos. Asbestos-containing insulation, gaskets and packing was commonly used aboard Destroyers. Serving on the USS Ingersoll | DD 652, or assisting in the construction, repair, renovation or decommissioning of the Destroyer puts you at risk for developing an asbestos-related disease. Veterans, shipyard workers and naval contractors are at risk for developing Malignant Mesothelioma, Lung Cancer and Asbestosis. If you built, repaired or served on board the USS Ingersoll and have been diagnosed with Mesothelioma, Lung Cancer or Asbestosis, Shepard Law can help. Fill out the form below to receive a FREE Case Review today!

Where Were Navy Veterans Exposed to Asbestos?

The use of products containing asbestos often in:

  • Engine Rooms
  • Boiler Rooms
  • Many other below-deck areas where steam pipes and valves were present

Products containing asbestos were not only found in below-deck areas, however. Pipe insulation, adhesives, electrical cables, deck coverings, laundry and galley equipment, and valves also contained the dangerous mineral. These materials, used both aboard Navy ships and at shipyards, created asbestos exposures for anyone serving on board the ship, or involved in the ship’s construction, repair, overhaul or decommissioning. This accounts for the high rate of mesothelioma and lung cancer in Navy Veterans and shipyard workers.

A concern for Navy Veterans is how asbestos claims might impact their benefits. Shepard Law works to get Veterans compensation from the companies that manufactured and sold asbestos products to the Navy for use on board ships. It does not impact your VA benefits, so there is no risk in pursuing asbestos compensation.

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    When pursuing litigation, working with an attorney who has a reputation for results, compassionate representation, and responsive communication is a must. The lawyers at Shepard Law have helped hundreds of clients, many of whom were Veterans diagnosed with mesothelioma. Military veterans who were exposed to asbestos during their service but did not become sick until years later may have the right to file a mesothelioma lawsuit.


    Asbestos Exposure-Navy

    Shepard Law successfully litigated the case of a former merchant marine and power house engineer who died from mesothelioma. Shepard Law obtained a significant seven-figure sum for his spouse, which helped ease her concerns about paying for the house and living expenses in the future.