In 25+ years of successful mesothelioma litigation, our attorneys have helped many victims of asbestos disease identify the locations and types of asbestos products to which they were exposed. Determining where asbestos exposure occurred has been key to our clients’ success. Below, you’ll find a list of known Maine asbestos exposure locations. If you have been diagnosed with asbestos disease, and you or a family member spent time at one or more of these Maine asbestos exposure locations, contact us for a free consultation.

New England Asbestos Exposure
Maine Asbestos Exposure
Maine Asbestos Exposure
Main Asbestos Exposure
  • Broadman Hall
  • Buerhaus Insulation Company
  • Downeast Urethane Company
  • Fenway Motel
  • Pine Tree Insulation
  • Bangor Hydro-Electric Company
  • Bangor State Hospital
  • City of Bangor Water Works
  • Dow Air Force Base
  • Eastern Paper
  • New England Insulation Company
  • Maxfield Company
  • University of Maine
  • Bath Iron Works Corporation
  • Capodanno
  • Conyngham
  • Elmer Montgomery
  • Hyde Windlass Company
  • Pharris
  • YMCA
  • Bowdoin College
  • Brunswick Electric Light and Power Company
  • Brunswick Naval Air Station
  • Hearst Corppejepscot Paper Div.
  • Pejepscot Paper Company
  • United States Naval Air Station
  • Central Maine Power Company
  • Champion Paper
  • Maine Seaboard Paper Company Div. of Time Inc.
  • Northeast Coal & Dock Corp
  • Saint Regis Mill
  • Regis Paper Company
  • Great Northern Paper Mill
  • International Paper Company
  • Jay Paper Mill
  • Mount Blue High School
  • Union Chemical Company
  • Loring Air Force Base
  • Eastern Fine Paper and Pulp
  • Eastern Manufacturing Company
  • Kathadin Pulp and Paper Company
  • Lincoln Pulp & Paper
  • Standard Packaging Corp
  • Androscoggin Mill
  • International Paper Company
  • Otis Mill
  • Abenaki Mill
  • Econby Corporation
  • Great Northern Paper Company
  • Kennebec River Pulp 8 Paper Company Inc.
  • Madison Electric
  • Madison Paper Corporation
  • Northern Paper Company
  • Bowater Inc.
  • Great Northern Paper Company
  • Pineland Hospital & Training Center
  • Pownal State School
  • Axford Paper Company
  • Boise Cascade Paper Mill
  • Mead Paper Group
  • Northern Paper
  • Oxford Paper Company
  • Alloy Products Company
  • American Cyanamid Company
  • C Y R O Industries
  • Sanford Mills
  • Sanford Sheet Plant
  • Chemitron Corp
  • Northern Chemical Industries Inc.
  • Ohemetron Corp
  • Chinet Company
  • Colby College
  • Hollingsworth & Whitney Company
  • International Paper
  • Keyes Fibre Company
  • Lockwood Company
  • Maine Central Railroad Company
  • Mt Mercy Academy
  • M.C.A.
  • Blue Rock Quarry
  • Cumberland Mills
  • Northeastern Paving Corp
  • Warren Company
  • Sappi Fine Papers
  • Scott Paper Company
  • Central Maine Power Powerhouse
  • FPL Energy Mason LLC
  • Maine Yankee Atomic Power Station
  • Maine Yankee Nuclear Power Plant
  • Wiscasset Steam Plant
  • Georgia Pacific Corporation
  • Georgia Pacific Paper Mill
  • Georgia Pacific St. Croix
  • Croix Paper Company
  • Central Maine Power Company
  • Wyman Power Station



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When pursuing litigation, working with an attorney who has a reputation for results, compassionate representation, and responsive communication channels is a must. The lawyers at Shepard O’Donnell have helped hundreds of clients, many of whom were workers, diagnosed with mesothelioma. Workers who were exposed to asbestos during their employment but did not become sick until years later may have the right to file a mesothelioma lawsuit.